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The Paisley Pearl

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Interested in trying this yummy mango dragonfruit drink before you splurge and buy a whole tub? If so grab a FREE sample! each sample contains 1 scoop that you mix in 8-16oz of water.



TAKA Glo combines the best of healthy energy ingredients with premium marine collagen to create the ultimate beauty drink. These natural superfoods, premium collagen, vitamins, and minerals help support healthy skin, hair, and nails. Not only that, but they help nourish your body in all the right ways. Truly creating beauty from the inside out!

TAKA's revolutionary formula is packed with powerful ingredients to help you GLO from the inside out. let your body feel the benefits of aloe vera, turmeric, vitamin C, fucoidan, rhodiola, ionic minerals and 20 other superfoods that truly make you shine! Not only that but it helps support gut health, healthy energy and mental clarity all while fueling your GLO!